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This is, the neverending digital Library, and you're welcome!

We share free ebooks, free audiobooks, free software, free download and other free web resources. For free! In Joy, Love, Peace and Freedom.

Don't find a file or a folder? Slow down, you're moving too fast! Just love the one you're with and try again later.

We DON'T accept any kind of donations. Save your money, or give it to a Charity Organisation. There are People dying!

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About us: 
Who cares who we are?

Can I send you an e-mail?
No, sorry!

Why this website is so poor and/or with no-images?
It's accessible. It's fast. It's really usable. Just one image will be enough for everyone. And it's nobody's business but our's.

But you have some advertising service installed!!
We are poor, not crazy.

Do you REALLY hate Wikipedia?
Yes and No. They are not evil (we redistribute some of their English pages), but primarly they are not Good.

But they are free. And independent. And scientific. And effordable. And everybody can contribute. And they live only with individual donations. And...
Sure! And Santa Claus brings gifts to the children of the World during Christmas Holy Night.

If so, why do you redistrute their contents?
For a very good reason: money! Wikipedia is working for us generating revenues, but we don't give a dollar-cent to Wikipedia.

But it's horrible!
Oh, no. It's simply possible. If you don't agree, feel free to leave.

Do you mantain your website using open source and/or Linux-based server(s)?
Certainly! What else?

I use a Windows or an iOS  operative system. Can I acceed to your website?
It's a free Country!

Why do you use a macaronic (miswritten) English?
Because we like maccaroni very much.

What's the Sense of Life?
"Life is a shit. And then you die."  (James N.)

What do you think about Russian-Ukrainian war?
Tom & Jerry!

Help me!! I'm an Englishman in New York!
Be yourself. No matter what they say.